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Quindo is a hub where young people in Kortrijk are provided with the tools to learn and refine cross-media skills. It's a place where, under guidance, they can produce and present content on an online platform, with streaming radio at its core. The old Radio 2 studios were transformed into a state-of-the-art radio studio for this purpose. Today, these spaces are used for research, media production, workshops, and practical lessons for several Howest programs.
The target audience comprises young people between 16 and 30, including both students and others within the same age group. Quindo's operation is entirely run by around 70 volunteers and students under the supervision of a diverse team. As an inclusive media lab, Quindo continuously experiments with the empowering and connecting functions of media production. The team developed the 'Editorial Board Simulation', a workshop where vulnerable young people take control of a radio show, developing various social and digital skills in the process.
Quindo collaborates with numerous Howest programs and around thirty external partners, particularly from the social sector and the cultural field.