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European alliance

Howest is a member of RUN-EU, the Regional University Network - European University.

RUN-EU is a European University that promotes physical and virtual exchanges between eight regional institutes of higher education in Spain, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria, Ireland and Belgium. Together the RUN-EU partners represent a student population of more than 76,500 students, 8,000 staff and just under 100 research centres.

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What's in it for you?

Being a member of RUN-EU allows our students, lecturers and researchers to enjoy joint teaching, research and innovation initiatives.

As a student, you can apply for various international, short-term mobility programmes (Short Advanced Programmes - SAP). In more concrete terms, this means that, together with other international students, you can follow classes for one week at one of our RUN-EU partner schools in Spain, Portugal, Finland, the Netherlands, Austria or Ireland.

The credits you earn for these courses can also be converted into exemptions for courses within your curriculum.

Discover the Short Advanced Programmes

Would you like to go abroad for longer? Through the Erasmus+ programme, students receive financial support to spread your wings within Europe for at least one semester.

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Interregional alliance

RUN-EU, in full Regional University Network - European University, is a European alliance of eight regional institutions of higher education.

RUN-EU's mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of the regions in which its partners are located by providing opportunities for students, researchers and lecturers to exchange knowledge with one another.

Each of the alliance's members has the ambition - from a regional foundation - to establish collaborations beyond their national borders.

More information

Lies Vanhaelemeesch

Lies Vanhaelemeesch

Project Leader RUN-EU at Howest