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In this project, DAE, Skate Flanders, and DAE Studios join forces to equip an existing indoor half-pipe with interactive projection and tracking. Through this augmented reality layer, we enable experienced skaters to compete against each other through mini-games, enhancing the visual appeal of the skate scene for the audience. Moreover, in the long term, this setup can be used for promotional purposes by organizations aiming to promote skateboarding and recruit new members. In a follow-up project, this RIDE-AR setup can be expanded to teach correct techniques to novice skaters through gamification.

Due to increasing media attention related to the Olympic Games, skateboarding is also becoming more popular beyond the skate community, creating opportunities for new recruits. Within the scope of this Sport Flanders AR initiative, the focus is on the skateboarding discipline. However, since half-pipes are also used by BMX riders, scooters, and inline skaters, there is potential for further valorization for RIDE-AR in those areas as well.