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How has the Flemish coastal landscape evolved over the past 5000 years, both at sea and on land? Which areas were flooded and eroded during storm surges? What archaeological traces of past habitation and exploitation are preserved on land and in the sea?
These questions are being addressed by an interdisciplinary team of researchers from VUB, KU Leuven, Howest, and VLIZ in the 'Testerep' project. The project takes its name from the partially submerged peninsula of Testerep, which once lay off the Flemish coast between Nieuwpoort and Bredene.
As a result, the scientific data and knowledge acquired within the project will be disseminated to various stakeholders in policy, business, and the general public. The project partners are strongly focused on translating the acquired knowledge into visualizations and communication products. Testerep can raise awareness among the general public about coastal dynamics and vulnerability, promote tourism, support heritage management, and provide insights for sustainable coastal management.

'Testerep: The Evolution of the Flemish Coastal Landscape (5000 BP - Now)' is part of the Strategic Basic Research (SBO) program of the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO) and runs from October 1, 2021, to September 30, 2025.