Bachelor Digital Design and Development (Devine)

Bachelor Digital Design and Development (Devine)
"Digital creators of the future"


Digital design and development (Devine) is a unique 3-year bachelor programme at KASK Conservatory school of arts of HOGENT and Howest in Kortrijk (Belgium).

At Devine you will be trained to use your design, development, and research skills to create near- and far-future online experiences. The curriculum of Devine is based on these 3 up-to-date industry-proved skills.

This programme is available in Dutch and English. English-speaking students will receive mandatory, extra-curricular Dutch language classes, but all courses and course materials taught at Devine (English) are in English.

Digital Design

Digital design reveals topics ranging from visual design, where you acquaint yourself with branding iconography and typography, all the way to motion graphics, where your animations set everything in motion.

Creative Development

The beauty of being a Deviner is that you have every skill you need to work on a project from start to finish.

You have the perfect balance of skills to design and code your ideas.

UX Research

People love digital products that love people. Creating digital products that are valuable to the end user is essential.

That's why we continue to check the user experience to study the problems and behaviors we perceive around us. 

In the digital area Devine is the go-to for top talent people. Once you graduate you can immediately start as an Experience Designer/ Front-end Developer/ Interaction Designer/ Motion Designer/ Full Stack Developer/ Mobile Developer or shortly put: a Deviner.

Minors of this study programme


Pictures of the programme

A picture says more than a thousand words. We'd like to give you a sneak preview of what awaits you.


Where are my classes?

Campus Buda

De Budafabriek: de uitvalsbasis van Devine in Kortrijk, pal in het midden van cultuureiland Buda.

Het gonst van de creatieve energie op en rond het Buda-eiland. De meest uiteenlopende organisaties binnen cultuur, onderwijs, zorg en economie zijn er in volle ontwikkeling. Tal van bruisende studenten- en burgerinitiatieven vinden hier een plaats.

Contact details:

Dam 2A
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 24 12 11
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Frequently asked questions

What are the application deadlines?

The screening process takes time since several departments are involved. We advise you to start the online application procedure as soon as possible. 

  • June 26th 2020 for students who will need to apply for a visa in order to study in Belgium. 
  • September 7th 2020 for EU citizens and other applicants who don't need a visa. 
How many students are there in the programme?

Devine is a specialised programme which consists of approximately 350 students. The classes are consciously made up of a small amount of students, which ensures a personalised follow-up and a “familial” atmosphere for the students. Class sessions range from one-on-one coaching with the lectors to 35-50 student workshops. 

Are there a lot of international students?

There are over 200 international students currently studying in Kortrijk at our campus so you will fit right in with this vibrant international community. We regularly organize events and workshops and there is a central meeting point on campus where international student can hang out. 

When does the academic year start?

The academic year officially starts on September 14th. Before the start of the academic year, the international students are invited to the orientation week. In 2020 the orientation week kicks off on the 7th of september. Attending the orientation week will allow you to familiarize yourself with the campus, socialise with other internationals during Dutch lessons and take care of practical arrangements. That way you are off to a flying start. 

Can I follow all the classes in English?

Yes you can. You can study and complete the bachelor degree Devine in 3 years via our new English track

Can I see some student work?

Sure! Check out all of our showreels. All visuals made by our amazing students!

Can I study at Devine for only one term or semester?

EU students can spend one semester studying at our school through the Erasmus+ programme. Check with your own international coordinator to see if a Learning Agreement exists between Devine and your host institution. If so, you can immediately register and begin your application. 

What are the options for an international exchange semester?

When coming for an exchange semester you can choose between 3 different tracks: 

  1. Digital Design
  2. UX Research
  3. Creative Technology

Practical information

Studentenvoorzieningen (Stuvo)

De dienst studentenvoorzieningen (Stuvo) is een professionele dienst die alle studenten van Howest en UGent, campus Kortrijk de kans geeft om in optimale omstandigheden te studeren en die het leven aan de hogeschool of universiteit boeiend, aangenaam en zorgeloos wil maken.

Student secretariat

For information about your registration and administrative file, please contact the student secretariat.

Laptop project

Every student at Howest needs a laptop with legal software recommended by the study program. In order to facilitate future Howest students as much as possible, Howest negotiates the best possible conditions for hardware and service through an intermediary each year. This results in a significant price advantage over similar commercial devices.

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