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With AI-UPD8, the Howest research groups DAE Research and Business and Media want to be and remain a living knowledge and expertise center for every Flemish SME that has questions about generative AI, wants to be inspired or needs guidance on implementation.

Every day new tools appear that offer alternative ways to automate, innovate and/or accelerate the creative production process at game, film, media, communication and marketing companies. For our Flemish creative sector companies, this brings many questions and uncertainties in addition to opportunities. To make the most of the potential of generative AI, each company will have to decide, tailored to its creative production processes, what is useful and, based on its policies, what is desirable, justified. For this purpose, there is an urgent need for an overview of all types of tools so that companies can find their way through the proliferation of tools, there must be enough knowledge available about those tools and practical examples of what you can/can't achieve with them in daily operations are necessary.

AI-UPD8 wants to support every Flemish SME with questions about generative AI, with inspiration and guidance. We unlock insights online, organize inspiring events and welcome you to a learning community. The primary target group is the creative sector (game, film, media, communication and marketing companies). The secondary target audience is a broader group of SMEs from other sectors with curiosity/interest in the application of generative AI in marketing or design and use of speech, text, image processing, video, chatbots, ....