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The objective is to create a Mixed Reality application that instructs students in proper and scientifically substantiated techniques for lifting and hoisting. Through motion tracking, the application provides immediate feedback to the student regarding the correctness of their lifting/hoisting methods. The application offers various levels of instruction, including highly guided explanations, virtual exercises, and real-time feedback. Students can practice at their own pace until they master the correct posture (Universal Design for Learning - UDL). The app should also enable continuous monitoring of the student's learning process (number of attempts, progress, etc.) through a "learning dashboard." Considering the importance of ergonomics in different vocational fields, the application is designed to be highly scalable. Lifting exercises are relevant to disciplines such as woodworking, construction, electricity, mechanics, and healthcare. To capture movements, we utilize sensors (gyroscopes integrated into MR glasses). It might also be meaningful to integrate additional sensors to ensure accurate tracking of body movements. The more precise the movement registration, the better feedback we can provide. The application is adaptive to the individual morphology of the student and their field of interest/studies. The adaptive objects and exercises are more relatable to students' everyday experiences, making them better understand the necessity of using correct techniques. We aim to incorporate objects and exercises for both the heavy industry sector and healthcare. Various schools excel in these areas.