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The project provides internationalization in the context of home, connecting international students with citizens from diverse backgrounds. As a result, an international boost is given to individuals who may not always be inclined to meet young people from another country. Deep and guided interaction, supported by preparation, intervention, and debriefing, enables international higher education students, groups, and individuals in the region to truly connect and collaborate in mentorship activities.

BRIDGES by MENTORS focuses on increasing depolarization, intercultural understanding, building trust, and the well-being of international students and citizens. Additionally, it raises awareness of social engagement among international students and imparts knowledge on how to reach local communities. Furthermore, it connects international students with various groups in the region through joint activities. Finally, the outcomes are widely shared across regions throughout Europe in the fields of mentoring and international education.

The consortium consists of five higher education institutions, a mentor organization, and a quality assurance body from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Ireland, and the Netherlands. They all collaborate with various organizations in their regions, including education, community development, sports, social work, and more.