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Vital Brains App

The exploratory Practice-Based Research (PWO) project has yielded valuable insights into the potential of the Vital Brains App. The objective of this project is to assist the field by delivering a finalized product, enabling individuals to swiftly access specialized support.

In the initial phase of the exploratory PWO, a prototype of the app was developed with dual aims:

  1. Gathering data about the user's health, lifestyle, and cognitive functioning.
  2. Raising awareness and disseminating information about the importance of a brain-healthy lifestyle, focusing on dementia prevention.

In the subsequent project phase, our goal is to expand the prototype by comprehensively mapping cognitive functioning. Furthermore, we aim to enhance the app's potential as a secondary prevention tool (early screening). This development will:

  1. Alleviate the workload of professionals due to the digital nature of the app.
  2. Facilitate early orientation of individuals toward intervention, enabling timely initiation of a treatment plan.