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Creating equal opportunities for vulnerable groups is a top priority for Flemish education policy. Quality preschool and primary education that can overcome barriers is essential in this regard. The project 'Little Children, Big Opportunities' aims to contribute to enhanced professionalism in dealing with diversity, child poverty, and disadvantage among future teachers in preschool and primary education. In the 'TACO' project, Howest Teacher Training collaborates with four primary schools. The language coach (TACO) forms a professional learning community with the teachers. Over the course of a school year, they exchange ideas about classroom approaches to improve language policies. This intensive coaching program contributes to the development of a powerful language learning environment where every child enjoys a warm interaction with the class teacher. In addition to the four primary schools in the coaching program, students from preschool and primary education programs engage in practical training. They implement specific activities that enhance a powerful learning environment. This feedback is collected and contributes to the development of a well-founded coaching program.