Innovate, Create, Inspire: The Power of Multimedia and Creative Technologies

From user interfaces to artificial intelligence and augmented reality, are you driven by innovation and a desire to develop the applications of tomorrow's internet with cutting-edge technology? If so, then the Bachelor of Multimedia and Creative Technologies (MCT) is for you!

During your first three semesters as an MCT student, you build a solid IT foundation. From the fourth semester, you choose one of the 4 minors to specialise in. 

Each academic year, you will have the opportunity to realize your own project using your talents and everything you have learned. The combination of a solid base knowledge and experience in the working field creates a highly sought after profile in the job market but also gives you every possibility to study further for an extra bachelor's or a master's degree.

In addition to lessons and projects, you also have the opportunity to further develop yourself through international experiences (study trips and foreign internships), inspiring guest speakers, and internship opportunities.

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Multimedia&creatieve technologie
Next Web Developer
Next Web Developer

Minor within the Bachelor of Multimedia and Creative Technologies

AI Engineer
AI Engineer

Minor within the Bachelor of Multimedia and Creative Technologies

Smart XR Developer
Smart XR Developer

Minor within the Bachelor Multimedia and Smart Technologies

IoT Infrastructure Engineer
IoT Infrastructure Engineer

Minor within the Bachelor of Multimedia and Creative Technologies

Your class schedule

Every week you will have between 20 and 24 hours of lessons. Your lesson hours are scheduled to be as complimentary as possible. Below you can view a sample schedule. Schedules may vary from year to year. The final class schedule for the school year is finalised in September. 

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Strengths of the programme

A mix of theory and practice

Learning to master new technologies doesn't just involve listening to passionate teachers. That's why theory lessons are always linked to practical labs.

High-tech projects

Projects are the main focus in our Multimedia & Creative Technologies studies. Students unanimously agree that by successfully completing projects, you learn so much more and become a professional with an advantage later on. With each project, you improve your technology knowledge and soft skills and gain confidence for the future.

Get to know you talents

After an extensive Multimedia & Creatieve Technologies foundation, we offer you four different specialization profiles starting from the fourth semester. This way, you can choose the direction that matches your interests and talents

Job and internship certainty

Thanks to the close collaboration with the business world, you will be fully prepared to start your internship after 2.5 years. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are 300 to 500 internships available for 60 to 80 interns. So, you don't have to search for one yourself!

A strong link with the professional field

Companies are already involved from the 2nd year. Multimedia & Creative Technologies has its own research lab around AI, 5G, and XR, which generates many projects with companies. In addition, there are of course guest lectures, study trips, and much more. One of the highlights is our trip to Silicon Valley (Howest Goes USA).

Student participation

You have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the study programme. Student participation is not taken lightly, we really get to work with your input.

Personal guidance and coaching

The professors are approachable during classes. They are your coach and colleague during project weeks. With us, there are no overcrowded lecture halls, but smaller class groups where each student can excel.


Over the past few years, Howest has built a strong quality culture.

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The Level

Hét grote pluspunt bij Howest is de persoonlijke aanpak. De lectoren kennen elke student en volgen je nauw op. De gebouwen van Howest hebben bovendien een ziel. Op de bruisende campussen heerst een gemoedelijke sfeer onder studenten en lectoren. Ook bij het administratief personeel en Stuvo staat de deur altijd open.

Aan deze hogeschool leer je niet enkel in boeken, je stapt ook de wereld in en oefent in de praktijk. De uitgebreide stages bereiden je voor op de arbeidsmarkt. Na de opleiding ben je klaar voor het echte werk of kan je verder studeren als je dat wil.

Evy Schacht
Howest Alumna 2021

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If you don't find what you're looking for or have a specific question about this program, please feel free to contact us. We are available every weekday from 9am to 5pm. Direct other questions to this contact person:

Johan De Gelas
Johan De Gelas

Study Programme Coordinator 


In the case you buy a laptop through Howest, you can look here which laptop is recomended by your course. In the case you already own a laptop or wish to buy a new one yourself, it needs to qualify to the same specifications.

Would you like to study abroad for a semester? Or are you interested in an international internship? You can! You will discover all the opportunities to go abroad within Howest on this page. During your studies, we will work together to make your international adventure a reality!

No. Our team applies unique teaching methods, adapted to your prior knowledge. The only thing that is important is that you are present in class and practice the things that you are struggling with. Since Multimedia and Creative Technologies (MCT) trains you to become a professional who can realize real-life IT projects, doing nothing for weeks and only starting to study intensely in the last weeks before the exams is not a good option. Therefore, attending classes and updating your practical skills every week are very important.

The keywords are "Creative with Technology" and "Multimedia" Technology.
'Agile' and creative use of technology is deeply rooted in the DNA of the programme. In other words: MCT people are trained to creatively implement new technology in companies that quickly switch to methods such as SCRUM. You will therefore find that MCTers perform more than average in start-ups, scale-outs, innovative SMEs and innovation departments of large companies.

"Multimedia" technology refers to the fact that the MCTer uses technology to develop the multimedia interfaces of the future, such as a smart watch interface that also responds to your voice and actions or an Augmented Reality interface that integrates AI.

We believe that our students are 'inventors', 'technical creatives' ('the IoT Generation'). The ultimate goal of the Multimedia and Creative Technologies program is the realization of projects. Not one day a week or in 'a profession like there are more', but during an intense period of 5 to 6 weeks, in which you first try out the latest technology alone before taking it on in a group to bring it to life. During the project weeks you only focus on executing your project and you gradually discover your strengths and weaknesses. From the second year, you will receive team assignments from small and large companies that want to bring the 'MCT Silicon Valley spirit' into their company. They will ask your group to convert new technologies into a working proof of concept project (

In the first year you have about 30 percent theory. Then, exceptionally, you will be sitting together with 90 to 150 other students. Most classes, however, are in groups of 20 to 28 students. The further in the training, the more this is the case. During the project weeks you also work closely together in groups of three to four students.