Bachelor Multimedia and Creative Technologies (MCT)

"The next IoT generation"

Do you have a strong interest in technology?
Do you want to learn how to develop smart applications from A to Z?
Do you also believe in learning by doing and solving real cases?

Multimedia & Creative Technologies (MCT) is a professional bachelor training program at Howest, campus Kortrijk. MCT trains you into the all-round IT engineer.

In the first three semesters you will become acquainted with the 4 optional tracks of MCT: smart technology & data analysis, web and app development, network technology or backend and AI. Depending on your preference, you will deepen yourself from the fourth semester (2nd year - from February) as:

  • Web App developer: you focus on the interface and smart web technology (e.g. chatbots)
  • Smart Tech & AI: with data analysis, machine learning and deep learning you make the new internet smarter.
  • IoT Infrastructure Engineer: you are able to connect smart devices to a grid as well as automatically deploy servers in the cloud.
  • AI Engineer: combine the power of AI with a structured and high-performance backend.

This program is unfortunately only available in Dutch, but MCT does have one English-taught semester: 

Next to that you can also sign up for the postgraduate certificate AI Engineer

For more info you can always contact: