Info days 2021

Info days 2022

Info days 2022

Studying at Howest is choosing qualitative education, excellent coaching throughout your study line and a diploma that gives you a strong advantage in the labour market. 

Experience the vibe on our campuses during one of the info days in Bruges, Kortrijk and Oudenaarde. Our lecturers and students are ready to welcome you and would love to give you information about the study programmes and the study material. Visit the classrooms,  aulas, laboratories, workshops, libraries and student restaurants. Or have yourself taken on behind-the-scenes during one of the guided tours.


  • Saturday 12/03/2022 (10h00 - 16h00)
  • Saturday 7/05/2022 (10h00 tot 16h00)
  • Saturday 25/06/2022 (10h00 - 16h00)
  • Saturday 27/08/2022 (10h00 tot 13h00)
  • Friday 09/09/2022 (17h00 – 20h30)


Those who want to enrol at Howest can do so by means of a pre-enrolment during the Information day or at home. 

This pre-enrolment is a registration and makes sure that the definitive enrolment (end of June 2020) can be effected in an efficient way. The definitive enrolment must be effected at the student administration office of the campus. 

Study choice

Do you need help with your study choice? We would love to help you: