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You can choose to minor in Design for Industry in the fourth semester of the Bachelor of Industrial Product Design. The focus is on industry, especially engineering and production contexts.

Are you fascinated by how things are made? And would you like to delve even further into the most technical aspects of the programme? Then this minor is for you! You will go through the integral design process with an extra focus on production, materialisation, technical detailing and engineering of products.

The modules in this minor focus on the engineering design of industrial goods and the pure engineering of consumer goods.

There is also room in this minor for mechanical design, smart products, advanced CAD/CAM/CAE, advanced manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing and VR-Design assessments.

This minor also explores sustainable product design. For example, you will apply eco-design techniques to design today's products to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, repairable and recyclable.

This minor is all about the direct link between design and production.

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Choose your minor in semester 4

This minor is part of the Bachelor of Industrial Product Design and continues in the fourth semester of the programme.

By choosing Design for Industry, you will put a specific focus on your industrial product design degree.

You will still follow the umbrella module 'Industrial Design' in this semester, but even this module will be aligned with your choice of major.

You will also receive specific subjects belonging to your area of specialisation in the other three taught modules of the fourth semester.

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Course unit descriptions for this study programme
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Strengths of the programme

Unique in Flanders

Howest is the only Flemish University of Applied Sciences to offer the Bachelor of Industrial Product Design programme. In addition, you have the opportunity to follow the full IPO programme in English, together with international students from all over the world. Moreover, Kortrijk is a UNESCO city of design. This is reflected in the many creative programmes on our campus and in the city.


In our design studios and prototyping workshops, you get to work with up-to-date design tools, technology and machines of all kinds. You will learn to design and prototype a product the right way. You will hone your skills in CAD, sketching, graphic design, electronics and VR. It is a modern, well-equipped environment where you will have every opportunity to work on actual industry cases.

Strong link to the professional field

You work frequently and intensively with companies and clients. During labs, projects and on work placements, you apply all your design skills in concrete assignments for the manufacturing industry. You will also visit trade fairs and companies, and during special design weeks you will be coached by designers from the field. When you graduate, you will not only have a degree, but also an impressive portfolio. Volkswagen, B'twin, Samsonite, Orange, P&G, Extremis, Renson, Barco, Inbev, Sioen, but also the healthcare sector,... are just a few of the many companies and organisations we work with. This also means that there is great job security after obtaining your IPD diploma.

Personal coaching

At Howest, the lecturers know you by name. We do not have crowded auditoriums, but smaller class groups where every student is valued. This means that we can guide you from close by. 

International possibilities

Do you like to look beyond borders? You will definitely get the chance to do so as part of the Industrial Product Design programme at Howest. During study trips, you will gain inspiration from designers in Europe, the US and Asia and visit renowned companies such as Lenovo or Boeing. Occasionally, you will also be taught by international guest speakers or work with international students in thematic design weeks. In the final year, you can spend a semester studying at a number of design schools around the world or do your internship in an international company.

The Level

Hét grote pluspunt bij Howest is de persoonlijke aanpak. De lectoren kennen elke student en volgen je nauw op. De gebouwen van Howest hebben bovendien een ziel. Op de bruisende campussen heerst een gemoedelijke sfeer onder studenten en lectoren. Ook bij het administratief personeel en Stuvo staat de deur altijd open.

Aan deze hogeschool leer je niet enkel in boeken, je stapt ook de wereld in en oefent in de praktijk. De uitgebreide stages bereiden je voor op de arbeidsmarkt. Na de opleiding ben je klaar voor het echte werk of kan je verder studeren als je dat wil.

Evy Schacht
Howest Alumna 2021

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Vind je niet wat je zoekt of heb je specifieke vraag over deze opleiding. Neem gerust contact met ons op. Wij staan elke weekdag voor je klaar tussen 9u en 17u. Stel andere vragen aan deze contactpersoon:

Becky Verthé

Becky Verthé


In the case you buy a laptop through Howest, you can look here which laptop is recommended by your course. In the case you already own a laptop or wish to buy a new one yourself, it needs to qualify to the same specifications.

Would you like to study abroad for a semester? Or are you interested in an international internship? You can! You will discover all the opportunities to go abroad within Howest on this page. During your studies, we will work together to make your international adventure a reality!

Unfortunately, there is actually no such thing. Or rather, every prior education has tangents! We touch on technical, artistic, scientific and humanities topics. We have students from almost every preliminary course. So for one subject, you can be ahead, while for another you are a freshman! We provide 'portfolio modules' in the curriculum. These support you in moving up, your study methodology and discovering your strengths and weaknesses. Besides prior education, your motivation and other interests are equally important! The chances of success are about the same for most preparatory courses.

Each module contains theoretical building blocks and application-oriented practical lessons. Industrial Product Design is mainly a practical course with about two-thirds being labs, workshop or consultation. So one-third of our classes are theoretical, ranging from ergonomics, technology, history of design to manufacturing techniques. The curriculum no longer includes languages. We teach mathematics and apply it in technology and engineering classes. This approach allows you to earn points throughout the year and also keeps the exam period an achievable and enjoyable one!

How do I know if I am making the right choice? We organise bootcamps at the beginning and at the end of the summer holidays. These two-day workshops will introduce you to our way of working, the design process and your future classmates. Getting a 'taste' here already can also help you make your choice for Industrial Product Design. And you will learn from the start what your strengths or weaknesses will be when you choose this bachelor's programme. You can register at

Initially, we want to train you to bachelor Industrial Product Design. But in those three years, we also work on your personal identity, interests and abstraction skills. About one student in five gets a taste for it after Industrial Product Design and wants to continue studying. This may be in an additional bachelor's programme (some students still opt for an abridged programme in furniture design or plastics, for example). At home, you will find the master's programme in Industrial Design Design Engineering at UGent. Or you can opt for a master's in architecture or product development, at home or abroad; a postgraduate degree is also possible. Thus, at Howest you can combine a master class with part-time work, follow our start-up school or jump to a 'brand and packaging' course at another university of applied sciences.