Industrial Product Design

"Will you be the Product Designer of the future?"

The Industrial Product Design training programme is a three-year bachelor training as a product designer (m/f) of the future. A training in which you are taught all the steps of the entire design process, from problem definition to production-ready design. There is no ideal pre-training for IPD. That is why we give a broad basis in the first year with modules such as: design, creativity, technical drawing, shaping, user-centred design, technology and presentation. The most important condition is that you are curious about these diverse themes.

The IPD student combines creativity and technical insight. In this training, you learn how to model a product, how to elaborate it conceptually and technically and how to produce it in an efficient and durable way. From the second year on, there are four elective tracks. The Product and Shape track focusses on consumer-oriented products and pure design. In the Product and Use track, the focus is especially on the user and the function of new products. Product and Engineering zooms in on technical designing and engineering. In the Product and Intelligence track, we design smart products with a digital and interactive side.

The design boot camp is an opportunity that cannot be missed to run an IPD pilot.

  • This programme is only available in Dutch!