Applied Health and Lifestyle Sciences

"Enthralled by prevention and a healthy life style? You like to work with people and you don’t like to sit still? Become the health coach of the future! Inspire, motivate, coach, project activities and build bridges are the tools of the health coach. You help an individual, group or organisation and even cities to change behaviour in a durable way in the framework of a healthy life style. A better health and more life quality is the starting point."

Obesity, burn-out, insufficient movement, sugar-free and high-fat food, the general health of the Flemish people is not ok. Have you always been curious how you can motivate people for a healthier lifestyle and how you effectively change people’s behaviour? Stop smoking, eat healthier, exercise more, feel better, … as a future health coach, you can help with all these questions.

But… how do you handle this? During the three-year training, you learn a broad variety of skills to develop yourself into a professional health coach. Motivating conversation techniques, coaching skills, networking and project works constitute the main pillars of the program. During this practice-oriented training, you step-by-step learn to use several techniques to support people in the transition to a healthier and more qualitative life. The creation and presentation of workshops, individual coaching, innovation by use of social media, wearables and games, the development of campaign material, organizing events … and much more.

A team of lecturers is ready to coach you to become a professional in a healthy life style and to train you for the work field. During the training, you also learn to cooperate with several organizations such as the Jongeren Advies Centrum, Kom op tegen kanker, SENSOA, etc. You elaborate concrete actions, projects or campaigns within a preventive framework for and with these organizations.

  • This program is only available in Dutch!