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3D Animation
Major of the bachelor Digital Arts and Entertainment
Campus Kortrijk Weide Day classes

3D Animation is a major within the Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment. Are you fascinated by the magic of animation? Then this is the choice for you! We will guide you through the entire production process of a 3D animated film.

5G-Pilot HealthCare

Through the deployment of a high-quality 5G network, the Westhoek becomes a true smart region. This aligns with the objectives of the integrated economic regional vision of the Westhoek, 'The Westhoek Impulse Plan.'                                                                 

5G-Pilot Zeevaart

This project harnesses 5G technology for unmanned navigation on inland waterways, focusing on semi-autonomous inland navigation with support through 5G connectivity. Howest is exploring the possibilities of a 360° camera and VR applications on the boat & will conduct field tests.

A day in the life: Digital Arts and Entertainment
General page

As part of the 'Group Projects' unit, a group of final-year students built a VR experience for one of Lago Kortrijk's waterslides.

Academic calendar
General page

From the start of the academic year and welcome days to exams, holidays and days off ... Here, you can find the full Howest calendar for this academic year.

Academic recognition & Grade conversion
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If you go on a study exchange with a partner institution abroad (or in the French-speaking community of Belgium), that exchange semester or year will be recognised in your Howest curriculum: the course units you take up abroad will replace course u

Accident report form student
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Alle rechtsgeldig ingeschreven studenten van Howest zijn voor de duur van het academiejaar en volgens de afgesloten polisvoorwaarden verzekerd.

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Howest Students Services (Stuvo) will help you find suitable accommodation.

Accounting Administration
Associate degree
Campus Bruges Station Day classes, Distance learning

Associate Degree in Accounting Administration Do you want to show off in offices and companies with a bit of accounting magic? Do you have an eye for detail, an ear for customer questions, and nerves of steel when it comes to deadlines? Are you analytical, precise, punctual but also flexible, and do you like to have a close look at the digits beyond the decimal point? Look no further: the Associate Degree programme in Accounting Administration will suit you perfectly!

Activate Howest account
Knowledge base

For security reasons, Howest never communicates passwords via email. That is why we ask you to set your password yourself using the ‘wachtwoord reset methode’ or 'password reset method'. This application allows you to set a password. The system will send a verification code to your private phone number (This is the phone number you entered during your enlisting).

Advanced Bachelor E-Health
Advanced bachelor
Campus Bruges Station Day classes, Distance learning

This advanced bachelor responds to society's growing focus on health and well-being and the associated digital innovations. This programma is only available in Dutch.

Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics
Advanced bachelor
Campus Bruges Station Day classes

Do you love biology and computers? Do you want to learn how to use informatics methods to store and process molecular biological information? Do you dream of analyzing DNA, proteins, and functions like a pro? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might be interested in bioinformatics.

Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics at home
Advanced bachelor
Campus Bruges Station Distance learning

As a professional working in Life Sciences, you may face the challenge of analyzing biological data in an automated way without the right knowledge and tools. The practical-oriented Advanced Bachelor of Bioinformatics, offered through distance education, is designed to impart essential competencies in IT, programming, and bio-IT. Explore the possibilities of this program and enhance your professional skills in bioinformatics.


The technological revolution is progressing so rapidly that we witness new applications every day. Two key innovations transforming the world around us are the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).                                                              

AI Engineer
Major of the bachelor Multimedia and Creative Technologies
Campus Kortrijk Weide Day classes

An AI Engineer develops AI software, using simple regressions, complex deep learning and state-of-the-art reinforcement learning models.