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5G-Pilot HealthCare

Through the deployment of a high-quality 5G network, the Westhoek becomes a true smart region. This aligns with the objectives of the integrated economic regional vision of the Westhoek, 'The Westhoek Impulse Plan.'

In this project, 5G technology is utilized for more efficient emergency services, public safety, and healthcare provision. The following areas are being explored:

Safe and Efficient Drone Usage: Investigating how drones can be used more safely and efficiently for medical transport, including the transport of blood samples and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Real-time Video Support: Setting up real-time video support where a nurse can be assisted remotely by a physician for paramedic intervention teams (PITs). This is facilitated through a connected intervention vehicle equipped with multiple cameras, body cams, and AR glasses. Additionally, crucial data can be exchanged in real-time using a connected vehicle.

Enhancing Patient Experience: Achieving a better patient experience and guidance by utilizing VR headsets linked to a 360-degree camera on location. Long-term sick children and palliative patients can participate in classes or family events as if they were physically present. Assistance from a nurse in the hospital during home-based kidney dialysis is also a possibility.

Local, Ultra-Reliable Communication Network: Establishing a local, ultra-reliable communication network to support emergency services during disasters or large events.