Accounting Administration

Manage accountancy from A to Z. Give fiscal or accounting advice, centralize and analyze annual accounts and organize the accounting,… These are competences which make you a much wanted staff member. Bookkeepers and accountants ensure the systematic and correct accounting of all financial operations and assist the management with accounting, financial and fiscal advice.

The profession of accountant is more dynamic, challenging and fascinating than some people may think. The accountant is the person who keeps a finger on the pulse of the company. He follows up the financial evolution of the company via the financial entries and formulates advice to his employer and the clients. More and more, the accountant is one of the key figures within a company, organization or government institution.

Are you accurate, do you like to work with numbers and do you want to work on the accounting and financial policy of companies or organizations? Then, this is the training for you!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!
Information sessions

Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde

29/08 10u-13u
Infodag in Brugge, Kortrijk en Oudenaarde
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