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Howest's management gives direction and guidance on the main lines, which are rolled out in a Howest-wide policy. Programmes and services help shaping the strategic plan. Guidance from the Management Committee is provided by the education coordinators and heads of department.


    • Frederik D'hulster, managing director / rector Howest


    • Delfien Coudijzer, facility coordinator Campus Brugge
    • Anna Dermaux, adviser Prevention, Safety and Environment
    • Mieke Demeyere, director of Education and Internationalisation
    • Dieter Dobbelaere, director of Buildings and Facility management
    • Geoffrey Hamon, director of Research, Community Service and Entrepreneurship
    • Karin Lecluyze, facility coordinator Campus Kortrijk
    • Roel Vandommele, director of Finances, Data and ICT
    • Johan Van Sieleghem, engineer, Technical Staf
    • Luc Verhalle, director of Personnel & HR
    • Sofie Vermeulen, head of Staff Finance department