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The Supervisory Board is the main governing body of Howest. This board sets the general guidelines for the organisation and coordination, determines the regulations and sets the budget.

As of 1 January 2024, Howest's Supervisory Board is composed as follows:


  • Lode De Geyter

Deputy president

  • Jan Durnez, Honorary member of the Flemish Parliament, Honorary mayor of Ieper

Managing director / Rector

  • Frederik D'hulster, rector

Representatives of the governmental and managerial bodies

  • Pablo Annys, Alderman, department of Social Services, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Brugge
  • Bart Caron, Honorary member of the Flemish Parliament
  • Johan De Neve, CEO Syntra West
  • Sybille De Vos, alderman, department of Education, Oudenaarde and staff member CLB GO!, Scholengroep Vlaamse Ardennen
  • Maaike De Vreese, member of the Flemish Parliament
  • Isabelle D'Hooghe, Coordinator HR & Legal Matters Concertgebouw Brugge
  • Els Kindt, member of the Provincial Council West-Vlaanderen and Alderman, department of Education Lichtervelde
  • Tammy Schellens, Associate professor department of Educational Studies UGent
  • Luc Van Holm, Honorary Labour Court judge Brugge
  • Piet Vandermersch, member of the Provincial Council West-Vlaanderen
  • Loes Vandromme, member of the Flemish Parliament and chair of the Education Association of Towns and Cities NPO

Staff representatives

  • Miet Craeynest, lecturer of Applied Psychology
  • Jochen Matthys, staff member Culture & Creativity – Art Director Howest – lecturer of Online & Offline Graphic Design
  • William Schokkelé, programme coordinator and lecturer of Programming
  • Tom Tesch, lecturer of Digital Arts & Entertainment
  • Charlotte Van Tuyckom, lecturer of Sports & Physical Activities
  • Marleen Vermeire, coordinator of the associate degrees

Student representatives

  • Alexander Debaere, student Business Management
  • Ash Delsael, student Devine
  • Daphne Deopere, student HR Support
  • Hermes Maes, student Journalism

Observer on behalf of the Public Authorities

  • Erik Maes, commissioner delegate for the Flemish government

Minute taker

  • Sarah Snoeck, secretary general Howest