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The Management Committee manages the organisation on a day-to-day basis and reports to the Steering Committee and to the Supervisory Board. Depending on the agenda items, the Management Committee meets in its capacity as Education and Research Management Committee, Service Committee or it meets in full.


  • Frederik D'hulster, rector Howest


  • Ronald Bastiaens, dean of Study Programmes Howest Kortrijk
  • Mieke Demeyere, vice-rector, director of Education and Internationalisation
  • Dieter Dobbelaere, vice-rector of Buildings and Facility management
  • Geoffrey Hamon, director of Research, Community service and Entrepreneurship
  • Isabel Uitdebroeck, dean of Study Programmes Howest Brugge
  • Roel Vandommele, vice-rector of Finances, Data and ICT
  • Luc Verhalle, vice-rector of Personnel & HR
  • Sofie Vermeulen, Head of Staff, Finance department (not a member of the Education and Research Management Committee)