Bachelor in Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence

From setting up reinforcement learning environments in a simulated 3D environment to applied computer vision in XR to deploying fully functional AI solutions with “MLOps”, the Bachelor in Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence is a unique blend between multimedia and applied AI.  

Fascinated by artificial intelligence, you are determined to join the ranks of the best AI professionals out there. The step from academic studies to the professional world can however be quite challenging. 

It does not have to be. Our Bachelor in Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence excels because of its hands-on “learn from the professionals” approach: 

  • Each semester you integrate the previously learned knowledge and skills into a project that solves real world problems.
  • You are coached by lecturers and professional researchers who have been or are actively involved in cutting edge AI and XR projects (part- or almost full-time).
  • A significant part of the curriculum is offered as a blended learning course to professionals. The latter ensures that the curriculum is relevant to IT professionals and academics as they engage with our professors and lecturers in online and on campus sessions. 

Our research into applied AI started back in 2014, focusing on optimizing Big Data pipelines and choosing the right AI Technology for mobility, healthcare and industry 4.0 challenges. This focus on building real world optimized AI solutions is part of the very DNA of the curriculum.  


The Bachelor in Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence is all about building and deploying full blown AI solutions. You will learn:

  • Which problems are suited for solving with AI
  • How to choose the right AI technology
  • To build your data pipeline / data lake from both real time sensor data and batch data, structured and non-structured
  • Train, develop and optimize AI models and improve their accuracy
  • Integrate your AI models in back-end software
  • Deploy them in a CI/CD manner with MLops

And there is more! Howest being the “Best game design and development school in the world” combined with its long track record in applied AI and XR research, means that you will also venture into the world of experimental AI and get creative with Multimedia:

  • Developing and building simulation (3D) environments in Unity
  • Training ML Agents with reinforcement learning in these simulations and collecting data to solve complex problems
  • Learning, together with students from our “XR Developer” branch, to integrate advanced computer vision technology in an extended Reality environment.
  • Learning how to enhance the behavior of both simulated as physical humanoid robots 

This focus on “learning by doing” and “learning from the professionals” approach guarantees that, after successfully finishing this degree, you will be able to develop fully functional, professionally deployed AI solutions.

There is more to international experience than studying of course

Together with international students from other departments, you will get the chance to experience “typical” Flemish/Belgian culture including design, comics, European institutions and, of course, chocolate and beer.

We welcome Belgian professionals and students alongside of our international students. The result is an excellent community mix of academic and professional experience and know-how. In order to provide the flexibility our students need, a significant part of the course material is available both online and on campus.

Already have a degree in computer science or a related field? 

We also have a one-year, short-track option. Geared primarily towards graduates with professional and academic bachelor’s degrees, this path will transform you, at an accelerated pace, into an AI engineer. 

This is the ideal addition to your current computer science/technical/scientific degree as it, just like the 3-year program, focuses on learning-by-doing alongside of our local students and professionals. Starting with your already excellent knowledge of coding, mathematics and statistics, our aim is to turn you into a professional AI engineer.

You must have a solid understanding of coding and the fundamentals of statistics to be admitted to the short track programme.

What you need

All students should bring their own laptop with the following minimum requirements: 16GB RAM memory, quadcore processor with virtualization technology (VT) and a 64-bit architecture. You can use your preferred operating system: Windows, Linux or Mac OS X. 

Career opportunities

As the Bachelor in Creative Technologies & Artificial Intelligence focuses highly on professional skills in the AI and Multimedia world, you will be ready to work as a data scientist, AI engineer, data engineer, AI innovation consultant, XR developer and much more. 

Pictures of the programme

A picture says more than a thousand words. We'd like to give you a sneak preview of what awaits you.

Where does this training take place?

Campus Kortrijk Weide - Building A

The campus is located a stone's throw away from the train station and equally close to the center of Kortrijk. We combine this ideal location with pleasant classrooms, personal guidance and high-tech infrastructure to create the perfect campus experience. In Kortrijk, Howest offers innovative programs such as Multimedia and Creative Technologies, Digital Design & Development, Industrial Product Design and the best Game Design and Development course in the world. That vibe, that creativity, that quest for innovation … you feel it on every campus in this city!

Contact details:

Sint-Martens-Latemlaan 2B
8500 Kortrijk
+32 56 24 12 11
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