Bachelor Business Management

Bachelor Business Management

Do you love economics and the world of business? Do you want to become an expert in fields such as logistics, sales, marketing, fiscal matters, finance, HR, ...? Or are you dreaming of a job abroad? When taking the Business Management study programme you will learn-by-doing, from the very first year. Through concrete cases and 2 work placement periods we will train you to become an expert in your professional field! 


Four majors

  • Accountancy-Fiscal Matters 

    As an accountant or financial Adviser, you play a key role in the organization. You will scrutinize the figures, analyse these and convert these into specific advices. Because of the increasing digitalization, the focus is constantly shifting from executing accountancy tasks to consultancy. 

  • Finance and Insurance Sector

    As a personal consultant and confidant, you know which risks a customer takes, how he best composes his investment portfolio and which insurances would be appropriate. You can also work as a fraud inspector. As from the second year, you choose one of the specialization tracks: Financial Adviser, Insurance Adviser or Real Estate Adviser. 

  • Supply Chain Management (formerly Logistic Management, subject to approval by the Flemish Government) 

    As a Supply Chain Manager your challenge is to quickly deliver or return (online) ordered goods. This study programme responds to the needs of the booming e-commerce market and teaches you the secrets of all modes of transport. You will also learn how to balance all the steps of the production process. 

  • Marketing

    As a Sales or Marketeer you win the customers’ hearts in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalized. On the basis of the latest technologies, you turn business models upside down and combine traditional, new and social media. In this way you help companies to score with remarkable campaigns and you make them future proof. As from the second year, you choose one of the specialization tracks: 

    • Sales & Marketing 
    • Marketing & Events 
    • Digital Marketing. 


Seven Elective Courses

  • Business Engineering 

    You will learn how everything is internally connected and how you can redirect and optimize processes. Your broad basic knowledge of Business Management will be completed by future-oriented subjects, such as Corporate Social Responsibility, Mobility & Energy of The Future, Industry 4.0 and A.I. 

  • Human Resources Management 

    In this elective course, you will learn how to build and model a human resources policy. You will learn which human dynamics are at play within teams and companies, and how to use tools to support, monitor and adjust the human resources policy. 

  • International Business Management 

    Do you dream out loud of an international career or, who knows, of a job abroad? In this elective course you will develop a multidisciplinary view on trade and industry with a strong focus on interculturalism and the international work field. The icing on your cake will be the semester abroad in your final year. 

  • Logistics Engineering 

    In this new elective course, you will acquire broad basic knowledge of logistics, transport and technique, supplemented by future-oriented IT subjects such as Bright Logistics, Blockchain, A.I., RPA, IOT. In this way you are progressively being prepared to become the logistics manager of the future. 

  • Applied Business Economics 

    This elective course will train you into a business consultant who dives deep into the issue of how companies operate. You will understand how everything is connected within an organization and know how to adjust and optimize processes. 

  • Sport Business Management 

    Great sports teams exert so much more than just sportive performances. In essence, they are companies ran behind the scenes by a professional team. In this elective course you will discover all aspects of management in the world of sports: commercial, marketing, events, legal, ... and innovative data analysis and social media will play an important role in all of these aspects. 

  • Chinese Business Studies 

    Do you want to do business in and with China? Are you fascinated by the Chinese language, culture, history and economy? This elective course within the bachelor’s study programme Business Management surely suits you. 

    This elective course is not only new, but it is also unique in Flanders. It will optimally prepare you to successfully do business with the Far East and in this way to surf along on the rapid growth of Chinese economy. 

    On the one hand, you will receive a very solid basis of business Chinese so that your business contacts take you seriously. On the other hand, you will learn in detail how the Chinese world of business works. Obviously, Chinese culture, history and local customs will also be discussed. You will also discover all of this In China as you will travel to China at least once for a study or work placement during this elective course. 


This programme is only available in Dutch!

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