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Why study Marketing and Communication Support?

There is no greater satisfaction than having worked on a successful project, especially when you yourself have played an important supporting role in it. Do you recognise yourself in this role? Then the Associate Degree in Marketing and Communication Support is perfectly suited for you. You will learn to work on creative assignments while focusing on your commercial and communicative skills. In short, you will transform into an all round assistant par excellence, to whom your manager can delegate a any number of tasks without having to worry. You will make it happen!

This programme is only available in Dutch. Find out more here.

Howest - Graduaat Marketing- en Communicatiesupport
Wat leer je in de opleiding MCS Howest?

Waarom onze studenten kozen voor deze opleiding...

Je leert vooral héél veel in het Graduaat Marketing- en Communicatiesupport! Je scherpt je grafische en digitale skills aan en je voelt je een flink stuk zekerder om te communiceren in meerdere talen.

Volgens onder meer Keoni, Pieter en Jarne is het duidelijk dat je helemaal klaar bent voor het professionele leven wanneer je bij ons van de schoolbanken komt.

Wat doet alumnus Wout bij Top Motors?

Alumni op de werkvloer

Onze enthousiaste alumni vertellen je graag in welke organisatie ze na hun opleiding terecht zijn gekomen en hoe ze hun kennis en vaardigheden elke dag weer professioneel inzetten.

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Wat doet alumnus Flore bij Brooklyn?

Quality assurance in every programme

Quality assurance is embedded in the daily operation of our entire programme. We continuously and systematically improve the quality of each course. The involvement of students, field professionals and alumni is crucial here.

Marketing & Communication Support is a new Programme and had an Initial Accreditation in 2019 conducted by NVAO. U can find the report here (in Dutch). In 2024-2025 the programme will have an accreditation by the NVAO.

Recent graduates of the Marketing and Communication Support programme have stated that they were satisfied with the quality of the training they received. Graduate satisfaction is monitored every year with an exit survey completed upon graduation. Herewith a review of satisfaction figures of Brugge and Kortrijk.

Jobkansen marketingsupport