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How do I get access to the Wi-Fi?

For students and staff members

Select the wireless network 'eduroam' and enter your Howest login and password.

Is your account not activated yet? Then you can connect to the network 'onthaaldagen' during the kick-off week to activate your account. After the kick-off week you do this via your mobile hotspot or on your home network.

The first time that you use eduroam, the system will ask you whether you trust the wireless network's certificate. Accept the certificate. After that, you will be connected to eduroam, the wireless network of Howest.

If eduroam does not appear in the list of available networks, you probably have an older laptop or smartphone. In that case, choose the network eduroam-2.4. The login procedure is identical, but the speed of this network is slightly slower. You can solve the connection problem of your old laptop by purchasing a Wi-Fi USB-dongle. Make sure the dongle supports at least Wi-Fi-5.

Connection problems:

If you cannot connect with eduroam or eduroam-2.4, this can be for various reasons. Below are some possible causes.

Minimum operating system

Make sure your operating system meets at least:

  • Windows: Windows 10 build 1809
  • Macbook: MacOS 10.14 (Mojave)


If you can connect to the network, but can't get internet, your DNS is set incorrectly. Set your DNS to automatic by following this step-by-step plan.

Technische info

  • Netwerknaam/SSID: eduroam
  • Beveiligingstype: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Versleutelingstype: AES
  • Authenticatiemethode: PEAP
  • Authenticatieprotocol: MSCHAP
  • Sub authenticatie methode: EAP-MSCHAP V2
  • Certificaten: niet valideren
  • Domein:
eduroam NL