In need of a good conversation or advice?

Staff from the social services office of student services (Stuvo) are ready to support you with any possible questions or difficulties you might encounter during your studies and to do so with discretion. They are well aware that it is not always easy to ask difficult questions or to bare your soul.

By talking about difficult topics with someone, you give them a name that you can take control of. You can see more clearly what is going on and what you can possibly do about it. The social service supports you in word and deed.


Stuvo is here for you!

  • You are going through a difficult period?
  • You miss home or something back home is not making things easy for you
  • You are having problems making contact with other students
  • Your relationship is stranding
  • You have little self-confidence
  • You fear to fail 
  • ...
Stuvo Karavaan

Emergencies 24/7

Do you need support, advice or a chat during the absence of social services? Then you can consult the following services/platforms:

  • Moodspace, a place for students with tips and information to get started yourself.
  • For an initial chat and advice, you can turn to the JAC.
  • An Overkop House provides a safe place where you can spontaneously drop in and talk to counsellors.
  • For some free therapy sessions by psychologists working on a voluntary basis, you can visit ‘therapeuten voor jongeren’.
  • Elpen helps you in your search for a conventional psychologist in West Flanders.
  • For difficulties studying, you can chat with Teleblok
  • Request study allowance: 1700 or

Talking and asking helps!


Emergency numbers

Teleonthaal: 106

a telephone conversation or chat (

Medical emergy number: 112

urgent medical assistance

General practitioner: 1733

a GP on duty

Awel: 102

a telephone and online helpline (

Suicide prevention: 1813

urgent need for conversation or chat (

Posion control center: +32 70 24 25 45

telephone advice in case of poisoning

Group training

To support your personal functioning, you can, in addition to individual sessions, also participate in the group training. Visit to get more information and register. The training is based on actual problems of students during their studies:

  • Atychiphobia (fear of failure)
  • Self-confidence
  • Procrastination
  • Stress
  • Time Management
  • Multimedia
  • Communication
  • Assertiveness

Do not hesitate to participate in a training because of the price, you can discuss this with us.

For more information, pricing and custom advice, please contact a staff member of the social service of Stuvo.

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