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It takes connection to build a future!

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It takes connection to build a future

Connecting with others is essential for every student. Stuvo Connects creates new opportunities to meet others and inspires you to share interests. We pay attention to developing a positive mindset.

Discover our range of activities, for and by students, with a focus on community & well-being.

Connect by

Buddy & Mind

A project of connection for and by students.

The Buddy & Mind team is your listening ear on campus and
organises activities to bring students together on mental well-being.

Will you join us at our Meet-Ups?
Looking for the buddy in your programme?
Want to become a buddy yourself and be part of our team?

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Karavaan Campaigns

Raise student awareness with inspiring campaigns.

With Karavaan's campaigns, we aim to bring attention to and discuss social student issues. Creating an open and positive community where everyone feels welcome, that's what we stand for!

Do you want your voice to be heard? Become an ambassador and help organise actions for the campaigns 'Resilient Together', 'Paars' and more.

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Get Together Club

Join or host a Howest leisure club.

Feel like sharing your hobby, sports vibes, creativity, passion for music,... with fellow students? Join one of our clubs, meet your 'partners in crime' and make new friends.

Do you have a great idea yourself and/or want to start your own club?
Stuvo Connects supports and facilitates your initiative.

Become a club member and/or coach? Get together and sign up!

Community Building

Join or help with organising events.

Stuvo is all about vibrant campuses. We organise community events during the academic year. Think about the Team Trophy for first-year students, our annual ski event or the cozy Christmas market.

No community without you! We are looking for your community ideas, promotion and organisational skills to make a difference.

Want to help? Sign up!

Place to be: De Living

Jump into De Living (Kortrijk, Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 32 – building parking 3) and discover our place for meetings and activities.

Coming soon: Living Brugge

Stuvo The Living

Contact Stuvo Connects

Want to say hi, still have questions or have an idea? You can always contact:

Katelijne Hanssens

Katelijne Hanssens

Staff member Stuvo Connects Howest & UGent campus Kortrijk

katelijne.hanssens [at] (katelijne[dot]hanssens[at]howest[dot]be)
+32 (0)478 74 01 39

Saar Olivier

Saar Olivier

Staff member student activities Brugge

Rijselstraat 3, 8200 Brugge
saar.olivier [at] (saar[dot]olivier[at]howest[dot]be)
+32 (0)474 24 60 44

Simon Clinckemaillie

Simon Clinckemaillie

Staff member Howest & UGent campus Kortrijk

Graaf Karel De Goedelaan 32, 8500 Kortrijk
simon.clinckemaillie [at] (simon[dot]clinckemaillie[at]howest[dot]be)
+32 (0)497 71 00 05