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Master in Game Technology studies in Kortrijk

Are you looking for the perfect follow-up to our Digital Arts & Entertainment bachelor's degree? The brand-new Master's in Game Technology offers the opportunity to further develop your research skills within the field of game technology and make you an expert in game technology.

During this master’s, you will spend a year working on your own research project, allowing you to explore the subject matter in depth and make a meaningful contribution to the development of Game Technology and Digital Game Technology.

Before you start your studies, you will write a project proposal summarising your research ideas. Of course, as a Master student, you are in the lead, but we don't throw you in at the deep end right away. You will be given a model with which to write this project proposal and your supervisor will help you with the definitive design of your project.


This master programme is a cooperation between Howest and BUas (Breda University of Applied Sciences). This means that BUas is the issuing institution of this degree.

The studies are split into 4 blocks of 10 weeks, each defining a part of the project cycle.

  • Block A - Literature study and forming the research questions
  • Block B - Defining the methodology of your data gathering
  • Block C - Executing the methodology, analyzing the data and drawing conclusions
  • Block D - Disseminating and communicating the results of your project

When you apply you can mention that you wish to complete your studies in Kortrijk instead of Breda. This means that:

  • You will have a supervisor from the Digital Arts and Entertainment teaching staff, instead of the BUas teaching staff. You gain access to the lecturers and knowledge pool of both these institutions as you also have a second reader from BUas.
  • You gain access to the Howest campus and its facilities.
  • You receive a spot on campus where you can work on your project.
  • You get the opportunity to collaborate with researchers at the Kortrijk campus.

As of right now, there are still classes in Breda, one day a week. Both institutions are looking into facilitating transportation, more information on this later.

Admission Requirements

Admissions are limited to 15 students in Kortrijk. During the admission process you will have to hand in a research proposal that will be reviewed, followed up by an interview. To be able to start this master degree you need to have a bachelor degree.

More information and application process

For more information and questions, please reach out to dries.deryckere [at] (dries[dot]deryckere[at]howest[dot]be).

Digital Arts and Entertainment
Waarom de Master Game Technology studeren bij Howest?

Waarom de Master Game Technology studeren bij Howest?

  • De opleiding sluit perfect aan bij onze bachelor Digital Arts & Entertainment en is ontwikkeld op vraag van en in samenwerking met de game-industrie.
  • Ons internationale lectorenteam bestaat uit ervaren professionals.
  • Je werkt een jaar lang intensief aan jouw onderzoeksproject.

Het opleidingsprogramma volgt binnenkort.

In this professional master programme, students are trained to design, assess and implement an innovative energy business plan. In realistic and authentic company case-studies and projects, you can address sustainable energy challenges based on a systems approach.

Word expert in gametechnologie

In de gamewereld is er een groeiende behoefte aan afgestudeerden op masterniveau met gespecialiseerde kennis rond de inhoud, de creatie en de cultuur van videogames. Heb jij interesse om wetenschappelijke literatuur te onderzoeken met als doel praktische toepassingen te ontwikkelen?

In de Master in Game Technology ontwikkel je jouw onderzoeksvaardigheden en groei je tegelijkertijd uit tot een expert in gametechnologie.

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Strengths of the programme

Perfect complement to undergraduate DAE

The master's programme we are setting up at Howest in Kortrijk perfectly complements our Digital Arts & Entertainment bachelor's by its deeper focus on technical skills. Especially in light of the increasing role of AI, we need to ensure that our country can remain among the world's best. Together with BUas, we are creating a unique offering, where our combined expertise will add real value to the students. Moreover, because we are working in a practice-oriented way, we can work closely with industry in this master's programme. This results in projects and research results that are immediately relevant to the industry.

International cooperation

To establish this master's as a university college in Flanders (Kortrijk), Howest is joining forces with the Dutch university college Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas).

Like Howest, the Dutch university college is a leading institution in the field of gaming and digital technology. For example, they are also a fixture in the top 10 best game schools in the world. The master's in Game Technology has been offered there as a one-year course in English for several years.

World class in Flanders

Flanders is among the absolute world leaders in game education and research. The Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) bachelor's programme at Howest, for example, has already been voted the best game programme in the world several times. This master's in Game Technology perfectly matches the growing demand in the Flemish gaming world for graduates at master's level.

Excellent career preparation

Flanders Game Hub also sees great added value in the new master's degree and the accompanying research focus. "Bachelor students who obtain a master's degree afterwards are better prepared for a career as an entrepreneur anyway. They are better able to analyse more complex problems from a helicopter view and reduce them to several small problems. The cooperation with the Dutch university college also ensures more maturity for our local start-up ecosystem," echoes Rik Leenknegt, head of Flanders Game Hub.