Applied Psychology

"You love people, that is clear… You friends know where to find you when they need somebody who can listen or who is in for a good chat… you are compassionate … you have a lot of patience … "

We won’t hide it, there is a huge amount of theory waiting for you. But from the very first day you will also learn plenty of skills. You will become an expert in psychological conversation, diagnosis and guidance. You learn how to coach people and develop trainings.

As a psychological counsellor, you can start working in CLB’s, schools, rehabilitation centres, selection agencies, employment agencies, centres for mental health care for children and adults, centres for crisis mediation, psychiatric facilities, victim support services, … There is no need to make a choice for one major. At Howest, you simply go through all the trajectories where you can put your own accents. This considerably increases your chances on the labour market!

  • This programme is only available in Dutch!