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Associate Degree in Social Work

Are equal opportunities, social justice, and taking care of others all themes close to your heart? Can you put people at ease with your calm and reassuring manner? Would you like to work with individuals to support them and increase their well-being?

In this new associate degree programme, we prepare you for two specific profiles: social-legal service provider and psychosocial care provider. In both, the focus is on individual clients and their immediate environment. You support them, advise them, and help them start moving in the right direction. In short, you will make a significant difference in people's lives.

In this study programme, you will learn by doing. Practical and concrete examples will provide the basis for theory. Right from the start, you will come into contact with potential target groups. More than half of the study programme consists of workplace learning, meaning this study programme remains closely linked to the professional field. You will tackle real-life case studies with lecturers who have a lot of practical experience. You will also gain real-life experience while doing your work placement at a company.

As a graduate of the Associate Degree in Social Work programme, chances are high that you will start working immediately. Thanks to your profile as psychosocial worker or socio-legal service provider, you will be able to start working as a housing coach in CAW's or OCMW's, a life coach, an employment counsellor, a youth coach, …

This programme is only available in Dutch. Find out more here.

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Quality assurance in every programme

Quality assurance is embedded in the daily operation of our entire programme. We continuously and systematically improve the quality of each course. The involvement of students, field professionals and alumni is crucial here.

Social Work is a new Programme and had an Initial Accreditation in 2020 conducted by NVAO. U can find the report here (in Dutch). In 2025-2026 the programme will have an accreditation by the NVAO.

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