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Associate Degree of Digital Design

"Are you a creative doer? And do you want to translate your creative ideas into stunning graphic designs, user-friendly websites, videos and interactive 3D?"

In the Digital Design degree program, you grow into the digital designer of the future who creates digital (multimedia) applications for their clients, from creative to technical design. During this two-year program, you gather all the knowledge and skills to design, develop, shape, and adapt front-end websites, social videos, immersive content, or online and offline graphic designs to the target audience.

This programme is only available in Dutch. Find out more here.

Howest - Web Development & Design (keuzetraject) Graduaat Digitale Vormgeving

Quality assurance in every programme

Quality assurance is embedded in the daily operation of our entire programme. We continuously and systematically improve the quality of each course. The involvement of students, field professionals and alumni is crucial here.

Digital Design is a new Programme and had an Initial Accreditation in 2023 conducted by NVAO. U can find the report here (in Dutch). In 2027-28 the programme will have an accreditation by the NVAO.

Howest - Online & Offline Graphic Design (keuzetraject) Graduaat Digitale Vormgeving