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Studies show that good sleep enhances the vitality of both employees and organizations. In this project, a widely applicable training program is being developed for workplace wellbeing professionals.

Good sleep is fundamental for overall well-functioning, impacting physical, mental, and cognitive aspects. In the context of wellbeing and preventive health, the topic of sleep is gaining traction in Flanders, especially given the rising numbers in work-related stress.

Implementing sleep interventions in the workplace requires an integrated approach tailored to the type and size of the organization, taking sectoral differences into account. The objective of this project is to develop a widely applicable training program (train-the-trainer) for workplace wellbeing professionals.

The question is posed regarding the prerequisites and lifelong learning aspects this training must meet to ensure its versatility and sustainability. This will be investigated through an online market survey combined with focus groups. Proving grounds (sampled purposefully) will be selected to collaboratively design, pilot, and evaluate this training program.