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Every organisation has its own DNA. That DNA is the sum of the values, the mission, the vision, the quality and the organisation culture.

Howest calls itself atypical, a bit eccentric in some way and this is also reflected in its staff members.

A culture of trust and feedback is typical of Howest. At Howest, the will and the ambition to work with enthusiasm are highly appreciated.


At Howest, our values of serve, empower, care are experienced and propagated by every staff member, student and stakeholder. Howest is characterised by respect for the individuality, the talent and the nature of every staff member, student and stakeholder.

At Howest, every staff member and student has a workplace on the campus that is experienced as a second home, where people work hard and like to party, where there is scope for informal contact and where everyone can feel “part of the community”.

The Howest teams

Howest staff members are people who shine: strong, talented individuals who can subscribe to the objectives of a team and who identify with the mission, vision and values of Howest.

Howest employs people with an intrinsic motivation who want to contribute to achieving an excellence level of the team to which they are attached based on their passion and interest. They are staff members with a heart for working with young and less young people, with a drive to embrace contact with the work field and to derive lasting satisfaction from it.

The polyvalent employability of our staff members is the result of their continuous willingness, courage and daring to further evolve in their self-actualisation and task fulfilment within Howest.

Howest staff members seek connection and enjoy being questioned about their expertise, interest and passion.

Our Howesters, they are atypical, a little eccentric in some way, imbued with our values and driven to lift themselves and the organisation to a higher level.

To boldly go where no one has gone before

Howest creates an environment of may and can, where many chances, freedom and autonomy are offered, where seeds are sown and where opportunities become challenges. A habitat where thinking differently, participation, humour, obstinacy, standing up for your opinion are genuinely appreciated.

Howest shows great commitment to its staff members and does so in a supportive and motivating manner. At Howest, mistakes are allowed as a necessary condition for creativity.

Howesters give every idea that is conceived and developed with passion a chance. They are not afraid to leave the beaten path if it can take the organisation to a higher level.