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Welcome to Buddy & Mind, our project of connection for and by students!

The Buddy & Mind team is your listening ear on campus and organizes activities to bring students together around mental well-being.

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Welcome to our connecting activities!

Meet your fellow students, individually or in groups. Let's talk!

Meet-Up in group!

Students talk together about what is on their minds. Buddies listen to how you are really doing. You can talk a lot or stay quiet. A nice atmosphere where you can be yourself and where you belong. Yes, because we care!

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Meet your buddy!

Are you looking for a shoulder to lean on, someone to help you get started or just a nice chat. We're here for you!

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Welcome to the Buddy & Mind team!

Do you make a difference for your fellow students? Enthusiastic to be a listening ear and/or organize meet-Ups? Commit yourself and follow the buddy program!

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Step 1: 'Student & Mind' module

Step 1: 'Student & Mind' module

4 out of 10 students don't feel good about themselves ...

You can make a difference! In this training we focus on mental well-being and how we as students can support and strengthen each other. More specific: How do you pick up signals? How do you start a talk? How do you refer as well as possible? And how do you take care of yourself?

When? Tuesday, October 17 - 6:30pm - Bruges & Kortrijk

Step 2: module 'Buddy Skills'

Step 2: module 'Buddy Skills'

Being a buddy requires skills: to be a point of contact, to help organize Meet-Ups and also to show your talents in the team. In the workshop we will interactively practice and plan how we will organize Buddy & Mind next academic year.

When? Tuesday, October 24 - 6:30 pm - Bruges & Kortrijk

Contact Buddy & Mind

Anything you want to say, have questions or an idea? You can always contact:

Katelijne Hanssens

Katelijne Hanssens

Contact person Buddy & Mind Kortrijk (Howest & UGent campus Kortrijk)

katelijne.hanssens [at] (katelijne[dot]hanssens[at]howest[dot]be)
+32 478 41 01 39

Charlotte Hinderyckx

Charlotte Hinderyckx

Contact person Buddy & Mind Brugge

charlotte.hinderyckx [at] (charlotte[dot]hinderyckx[at]howest[dot]be)
+32 471 98 04 12