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Howest, the leading Web3 university in Europe.

Web3, the third generation of the internet, represents a fundamental evolution towards a more decentralized, transparent, and user-focused digital world. Based on technologies such as blockchain and Solid, Web3 promises new ways of interaction, communication, and transaction across a wide range of sectors.

The potential of Web3 extends from the financial world with DeFi to fully decentralized social networks, but also to more traditional sectors. Think of improving efficiency and transparency in supply chains, tokenizing physical assets, administrative simplification, and creating secure data vaults.

With the rise of Web3, the demand for specialized professionals who possess the technical knowledge and skills to develop and manage these new systems and applications is also growing. In recent years, Howest has intensively focused on integrating Web3 technologies into its educational programs.

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Web3 masterclasses

Op basis van ons onderzoek en onze expertise op het vlak van Web3 bieden we je onderstaande opleidingen aan met een uitgesproken focus op Web3.

Elk van deze drie opleidingen zorgt ervoor dat jij met jouw toegepaste profiel toegevoegde waarde creëert, de efficiëntie van bedrijven verhoogt en ze relevant houdt in een wereld van razendsnelle digitalisering.

Masterclass Basics of Web3

In this masterclass, you will delve into the foundational principles of Web3, gaining a deep understanding of crucial concepts such as ownership, privacy, security, and decentralization.

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Masterclass Secure Blockchain Development

This comprehensive course offers an immersive learning experience that empowers you to build and deploy blockchain applications with confidence, knowing that they are fortified against vulnerabilities and threats.

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Masterclass Identity in Web3

In this masterclass, you will delve deeply into the principles of self-sovereign identity (SSI), gaining an in-depth understanding of verifiable credentials.

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Shane Deconinck

Shane Deconinck

Web3 Lead

Wim Van Renterghem

Wim Van Renterghem

Curriculumverantwoordelijke Web3