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English-taught semesters in Digital Arts and Entertainment

Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE) has been crowned best game design and development school in the world three times in the last five years (2021-2018-2017) by The Rookies World School Rankings®, making DAE a top international player in game design and art education. Howest DAE is ranked #25 in the 2022 Princeton (USA) Review’s Top 50 of Game Design Undergraduate programmes.

Our curriculum consists of 180 ECTS credits in a 3-year structure and offers six majors to choose from:

  1. Game Graphics Production (GGP)
  2. Game Development (GD)
  3. Independent Game Production (IGP)
  4. Interactive Sound Production (ISP)
  5. Visual Effects (VFX)
  6. 3D Animation

Have a look at the course catalogue (course unit descriptions) for more detailed information.

The industry is built on passion, commitment, and hard work. You will need these 3 qualities if you want to succeed at DAE.

On top of that, as an exchange student, there are a few things you should consider when composing your Learning Agreement and choosing your course units:

  1. Choose course units from maximum 2 different majors. You can find detailed information of all DAE courses and majors on the DAE website.
  2. Make sure you have the necessary knowledge to follow a course. When choosing a second-year course, make sure you master the right prerequisites. You can check the prerequisites. (e.g. When choosing 3D3 in the VFX major, you need to have the skills of 3D 1 AND 3D 2 AND 3D Pipeline.)
  3. When joining DAE during the Spring semester, you can only choose courses from semesters 2 and 4.
  4. When joining DAE during the Autumn semester, you can only choose courses from semesters 1, 3 and 5.

Lastly, the moment you become part of DAE you become a member of its community – a vibrant, international community where you are free to attend a wide range of activities, study nights, student-led workouts, workshops…

With the support of a community team, we pledge to our students our commitment to upholding a campus culture of open-mindedness, inclusivity, acceptance, and connection. Each of us brings a different story to DAE – we look forward to hearing yours!

Visit and have a look at our DAE campus The Level.

This programme is only available in English!

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