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What is Applied Computer Science?

Our Bachelor of Applied Computer Science offers two English-taught semester programmes, one in autumn and one in spring. It is possible to combine them into a full academic year as they are different in content, except Cultural and Socio-economic Introduction to Belgium, that can only be taken once.

The Applied Computer Science programme, in line with Howest’s strong practical, talent-driven focus, include lectures as well as learning-by-doing. Integration with local and other international students will be done by working on different projects where teamwork, international communication and co-operation is facilitating. Company and organisation visits will be arranged in order to familiarise students with the Belgian corporate culture.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Applied Computer Science.

This programme is only available in English!

Studenten aan de slag in marketing en communicatie.

What makes this semester unique?

The international semester is aimed at both bachelor's students and graduates from the field of computer science. This semester will add value to your degree and career opportunities by strengthening not only your technical IT competences but also your team-working and communication skills.


Minimum 2 successfully completed semesters or an equivalent of 60 ECTS in a Bachelor programme in the domain of Computer Sciences. For the Spring Semester you should have some preknowledge about computer hardware, be familiar with building blocks of programming languages and know the fundamentals of web (html, css and javascript).

If you want to take electives, an intake interview is mandatory to check your preknowledge.

Click here for Howest language expectations.

All students should bring their own laptop, with the following minimum requirements: 16GB RAM memory, SSD hard disk, i5 processor with VTX and a 64-bit architecture. More details can be found on

The link of each course in the course overview below mentions any specific software necessary for the course unit. Howest applies a very strict policy on the use of legal software.

Course overview

The standard programme consists of the courses marked with *** and **. Cultural & socio-economic introduction to Belgium marked with *** is mandatory.

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The standard programme consists of the courses marked with *** and **. Cultural & socio-economic introduction to Belgium marked with *** is mandatory.

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Welcome international students!

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How to apply

Procedures, deadlines and tuitions: you will find all the information here. 

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Programme in pictures

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Corneel Theben Tervile

Corneel Theben Tervile

International Coordinator

In the case you buy a laptop through Howest, you can look here which laptop is recommended by your course. In the case you already own a laptop or wish to buy a new one yourself, it needs to qualify to the same specifications.

Would you like to study abroad for a semester? Or are you interested in an international internship? You can! You will discover all the opportunities to go abroad within Howest on this page. During your studies, we will work together to make your international adventure a reality!

Prior computer science knowledge is useful, but not a necessity. If you still want to prepare a bit, there is our introductory course on programming and web, but this content is also covered in the lessons.

For maths, we expect you to have had at least 4 hours of maths per week in secondary school. If this is not the case, the entry-level maths courses are recommended. In order to help you further, we also set up monitor sessions during the academic year.

We take the term applied in Applied Computer Science very literally. As a professional bachelor, you are meant to understand things to some extent but the absolute added value is in executing and doing! The many project work, the many working lectures and labs prove that you get to work yourself. We therefore believe that passion and motivation is the key to success. The euphoric feeling after all the hard work of a project is therefore not to be underestimated. The further you progress in the course, the more the importance of practical tasks comes to the fore. At the very end, there is then the icing on the cake with the internship.

Most students come from science disciplines in ASO or from computer science and accounting-informatics in TSO. Didn't have computer science? No problem. Do you want to prepare yourself a bit before classes start anyway? Then take one of the introductory courses in programming or web. There are also entry-level maths courses if you have had less than 4 hours of maths in secondary school.

We use state-of-the-art development techniques from day one. Our code AND projects are managed by market leaders in the field. We always follow the principles of Continuous Development & Integration. This helps us build a true DevOps culture, and embrace new technology such as GitHub Copilot and chatGPT, for example. In the early years, the focus is mainly on using these capabilities, but later we build on this to integrate everything and also set it up ourselves. We also differentiate ourselves by offering our specialisation domains. For instance, we are a market leader in cybersecurity and offer a full-fledged Artificial Intelligence (AI) graduate course. In the Software Engineering track, a lot of innovative development technologies are covered and the DevOps story can be fully explored. In addition, the unique Web3 track teaches you to set up software securely and distributed (democratically), as well as to provide the principles of digital ownership and identity in existing applications.