(English-taught semester) Applied Computer Sciences

Howest English-taught semester Applied Computer Sciences

The English-taught semester “Applied Computer Sciences” offers a programme in Autumn and in Spring. However, as they are different in content, it is also possible to combine them into a full year of ACS.

In that case, the course unit “Cultural and socio-economic introduction to Belgium” in the second semester will be replaced by one of the alternative courses from the “International Business Management” semester programme. 

The ACS programmes focus on lectures as well as on learning-by-doing. Students will work on different projects, mostly in international teams. The aim is to integrate students from abroad with Belgian students and stimulate teamwork, international communication and co-operation. Company visits will be arranged in order to familiarise students with the Belgian corporate culture.

This English-taught semester is organised by our Bachelor of Applied Computer Science (TI).

This programme is only available in English!