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Bachelor Teacher Training: Pre-Primary Education

Do you have a talent for stimulating young people between 0 and 6 years old? Are you longing to stand in front of a class? Do you see it as a challenge to contribute to the cognitive and social development of your pupils? Well then, take the Educational Bachelor of Pre-Primary Education at Howest.

This programme is only available in Dutch. Find out more here.

Howest - Talent for Teaching BAKO

Quality assurance in every programme

Quality assurance is embedded in the daily operation of our entire programme. We continuously and systematically improve the quality of each course. The involvement of students, field professionals and alumni is crucial here.

In 2019, the Teacher Training: Pre-primary Education bachelor's programme was reviewed by an independent and external panel. The review was conducted by Vluhr KZ. The quality of the programme was evaluated positively. For the report click here (in Dutch).

Recent graduates of the Teacher Training: Pre-primary Education bachelor's programme have stated that they were satisfied with the quality of the training they received. Graduate satisfaction is monitored every year with an exit survey completed upon graduation.

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