Social Work

"Students who choose Social Work at Howest become a professional with a critical and idiosyncratic view on society and the sector. You can get started in a very diverse work field."

Social work is human work. Social workers inform and empower people. They contribute to a society which is good to live in.
That's why the training wants to deliver professionals with a broad and critical view on various social fields. Students who choose Social Work get a broad basic training with space for making their own choices and for a meaningful view on society and the sector.

After having graduated you start working in a very diverse work field: the welfare and health sector, the social-cultural and educational sector, the social, legal and economic sector. You work with, for and among the people in youth centers or community work organizations, at the police or in prisons, at social welfare centers or local authorities, at trade unions, in hospitals, training institutions, personnel services, health insurance companies, service centres, student advice centers, cultural centres, in the social economy, etc ...

  • This program is only available in Dutch!