"You are curious, driven and a go-getter?
Your dream is to be a journalist?"

Demonstrators jam the traffic. The Football World Cup brings a festive atmosphere all over the country. You are on the first row of the Parisian fashion week or you make things got for a minister when he announces the new savings plans. You are in the middle of it! You have an open, critical look on the world around you. You are a curious go-getter. You want to tell your readers, listeners or viewers what is really going on in the world. Because you are their extra pair of eyes and ears.

Whether you want to work for the written press or for radio or television, or you are the news anchor of a major channel, or you would rather work on the regional scoops: you always know how to handle things.

You are fluent in several languages. You actively listen to your conversation partner. You respond at the right moment. You can pick up that one great quote. Is this the journalist you want to be? Then the Journalism training at Howest is the right training for you. We would love to share our experience and knowledge with you! Our training program step by step takes you along on a trip. From day one, you start as a journalist-to-be. You develop your talents. You learn the fine tricks of the profession. At the end of the trip you are a journalist: ready for your first job!

With the new and unique elective track of ‘sports journalism’, you can immerse yourself in sports reporting. You keep a solid basic training but color it with your passion for sports!

  • This program is only available in Dutch!


"In de praktijkgerichte opleiding Journalistiek leerde ik zelfstandig werken."

Jochen Coorevits (en)

"In de praktijkgerichte opleiding Journalistiek leerde ik zelfstandig werken."

Jochen Coorevits (en)

Journalism (Kortrijk)

In de praktijkgerichte opleiding Journalistiek leerde ik zelfstandig werken. Dat komt in mijn huidige job als sportjournalist dagelijks van pas. Na mijn stage bij de sportredactie van Het Nieuwsblad begon ik er als freelancer. Ik ben er de vaste man die Club Brugge opvolgt. Daarnaast breng ik verslag uit over voetbal- en wielerwedstrijden.

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sportjournalist bij Het Nieuwsblad

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Infodag 1 september 2018