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Associate Degree in Internet of Things

The world is getting smarter as everything becomes more connected through the internet - a fact we know better as the Internet of Things (IoT). Are you interested in electronics and networking? Do the very latest technologies fascinate you? Do you want to work with IoT applications? If so, this progressive, brand-new associate degree study programme is perfect for you!

This programme is only available in Dutch. Find out more here.

Howest - Graduaat Internet of Things

Quality assurance in every programme

Quality assurance is embedded in the daily operation of our entire programme. We continuously and systematically improve the quality of each course. The involvement of students, field professionals and alumni is crucial here.

Internet Of Things is a new Programme and had an Initial Accreditation in 2019 conducted by NVAO. U can find the report here (in Dutch). In 2024-2025 the programme will have an accreditation by the NVAO.

Opleidingskwaliteitszorg aan Howest