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Tope Sterk 4

The Tope Sterk projects aim to increase opportunities for young people in vulnerable situations through student tutoring.

Students from higher education act as guides to support pupils in primary or secondary education in their learning process. Scientific research has shown that tutoring programs have positive effects on learning outcomes in primary and secondary education. A large-scale meta-analysis (Nickow, A., Oreopoulos, P. & Quan, V. (2020) - The Impressive Effects of Tutoring on PreK-12 Learning: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Experimental Evidence - NBER Working Paper No. 27476 July 2020 JEL No. 12, J24) demonstrated several trends: positive effects are equal for both mathematics and language, and these effects are stronger in primary education.

During Tope Sterk 4, Howest further strengthens its structural collaboration with the following organizations:

  • VZW De Katrol organizes study and family support in Oostende and other areas in West and East Flanders.
  • 't Scharnier provides home study support in Bruges and Blankenberge.
  • Komerbi aims to provide a safe space for socially vulnerable young people, offering both a learning platform and recreational activities.

In the school year 2023-2024, Howest will establish a learning network with these organizations and conduct research on, and exchange expertise about, the following themes: high-quality coaching of students (tutors), developing methodologies for peer supervision with students, impact assessment on the involved pupils (tutees), and their families.