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In this project, efforts are made to scientifically assess social-emotional skills such as curiosity, perseverance, flexibility, and stress resilience.

Social-emotional skills are becoming increasingly important in our society, characterized by VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity). Various stakeholders, including government agencies, the job market, educational institutions, and their students, are experiencing a growing need to work on these themes and further develop these skills. An example is the Flemish action plan for Lifelong Learning, where curiosity is emphasized as an essential skill to enable individuals to adapt to societal changes and promote their personal development.

The project aims to scientifically assess these socially relevant skills within the programs of Applied Psychology, Orthopedagogical Guidance, and Devine. By collaborating with these programs, the validity and usability of the tools are tested, and insights are gained into the role these skills play throughout the education and for professionals in the field.

The insights from this research will be integrated into the programs by developing a shared language for these skills and providing concrete tools to measure these skills in the context of the student's development process. The results will be disseminated within higher education.