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This project focuses on digital transformation in government. How can we enhance, expedite, and innovate public services to citizens through new technologies?

Innovation in social services and public administration not only involves the introduction of new technologies but also rethinking the role citizens play in the creation, production, and management of public services alongside public officials.

This project aspires to make public services more accessible. On one hand, by actively involving citizens (in design, co-creation, and management), and on the other hand, by demonstrating the applicability of existing digital solutions in various other sectors. The European network of Civic Laboratories for Technology with Citizens (NLAB4CIT) aims to facilitate codesign and co-creation where government, citizens, and businesses collaborate through digitally supported innovative solutions (Blockchain, AI, IoT, Augmented Reality, Geolocation in Social Networking, Opinion Formation).

NLAB4CIT is a European network coordinated by the University of Turin (UNITO), with three local governments, three knowledge institutions (UNITO, OLA & Howest), and the Association of Flemish Cities and Municipalities (VVSG) as partners.