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HA in beleid

Due to the increasing aging population and the associated societal challenges, focusing on healthy and active aging is gaining importance. Local governments can play a crucial role in this by implementing an age-friendly policy.

This project aims to support local authorities in developing an age-friendly municipality using a methodology based on the World Health Organization's age-friendly cities framework. This framework will be adapted to the Flemish context and will consist of a digital screening and monitoring tool. Based on available data, this tool will assess the age-friendliness of the municipality and develop an action plan accordingly.

Through literature review, desk research, and additional practical research with local governments and relevant stakeholders, a proof of concept (POC) of the screening and monitoring tool will be developed. Subsequently, these tools will be tested and evaluated in two pilot municipalities. If the evaluation is positive, the methodology can be disseminated more widely, and local governments can receive further guidance in implementing the approach.