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BiKC infrastructuur

Many universities, laboratories, and businesses lack the knowledge, expertise, or resources to hire a full-time bioinformatician. The Bioinformatics Knowledge Center (BiKC) addresses this need through practical research and services. Tailored applications can be designed to analyze and visualize biomedical and biotechnological data, either independently or in combination with databases for data storage and management and/or AI for data processing.

In collaboration with the Biomedical Laboratory Technology (BLT) program, the knowledge center has a nanopore lab for nanopore technology. This latest generation sequencing technology allows real-time analysis of DNA and RNA code in any type of sample. Depending on the applications, comprehensive solutions can be provided for both wet lab and dry lab analyses.

To continue ensuring and expanding sample analyses for companies, hospitals, and other universities, a high-performance server will be purchased in 2023 with the support of VLAIO. This server will store and process big data from experiments and sample analyses. Additionally, extra laboratory equipment will be acquired.