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Generative AI is currently experiencing a significant surge. AI enthusiasts see endless opportunities, while doomsayers predict the downfall of creative professions and disruption in education. This research focuses on the role of AI applications in the creative sector.

Which generative AI tools are currently available, and how do they compare to each other? What skills are required to experiment with AI tools? What concrete benefits does AI offer? How can it contribute to a more efficient workflow for creative professionals? How can the use of generative AI be integrated into creative design processes, with a specific focus on ideation, concepting, and visual exploration phases? What ethical and societal considerations need to be taken into account? Our target audience aligns with the fields of study: creative agencies, design firms, marketing, and communication agencies. Ultimately, we will develop an interactive step-by-step plan (framework) that taps into the potential of generative AI applications through workshops and hackathons, facilitating new human-machine collaborations.