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My Howest account will become inactive

I received a message that my Howest account will soon become inactive. What should I do?

As a student of Howest, you receive a Howest student account. When you are no longer studying with us, your Howest student account will be deactivated. This may have consequences for several practical matters linked to your Howest account.

  1. No more access to the learning environment Leho.
    Retrieve your materials in advance if you wish.
  2. No more access to your Howest O365 account.
    Your files on OneDrive will no longer be accessible. Backup your files if you still need them.
  3. No more access to the mailbox of your Howest account.
    If you have ever used your Howest account to log in to certain applications or websites, it is advisable to change that registration to a different account.
  4. No more access to a laptop or PC via your Howest Windows account.
    You may still be using your Howest email address to log in to Windows. To determine which account you are currently using, go to "Start" - "Settings" - "Accounts." Under "Your info," you will see which email address is currently connected to your account. If this is your Howest email address, click on "Sign in with a local account instead." Here, you will need to log in with your Howest account password first. Then, create a local account, log out, and log in with your newly created local account in Windows. You can now add a different Microsoft account under "Your info."
  5. Combell hosting.
    Combell automatically renews your active services and sends the invoice to your Howest e-mail address. Do not forget to change your invoice settings if you wish to continue using them. If you wish to cancel the services, you can find more information on Combell's web page.