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Do you have any questions?
Do not hesitate to contact Rik Leenknegt, academic director of the programme.

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The step to higher education is not evident for everyone. At Howest, we put in a lot of effort to support you during your studies and to get you through your study path in an optimal way. Our students are at the centre of all we do and personal contact with the teachers comes first.

If you wish to follow a slightly different programme within a particular course of study, you can contact the programme counselors. You can choose an individualized route for various reasons. The course counselor will help you in all these circumstances to determine the best route for you!

Contact Stephanie Defoort, programme counselor of the programme.

DAE in the Classroom?

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Do you want to learn more about how games are made with your class? We would be happy to come to your school to explain about what we do and how we do it.

Talk to your teacher and sign up for the workshops 'How games are made' via an email to

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Campus - The Level

Digital Arts and Entertainment has its own campus building, The Level, which reflects our ambitions. When entering The Level, the link to a first-person action-adventure game is easily made. The raw materials, the level differences, the ‘peculiar’ staircase, the overview of the space, the mystical light coming through the atrium – it all contributes to the overall atmosphere. The Level is a multifunctional building, where everything revolves around (interactive) 3D. So what exactly goes on here?


You can’t miss the 800 students occupying the DAE grounds. Besides classes, The Level hosts many student activities and events like weekly industry sessions, workshops, game jams, study and film nights, and so much more. 

DAE Research

DAE Research is the research cell of our Digital Arts and Entertainment programme. Their focus is on applied research on the use of game technology in non-game sectors such as healthcare, architecture, cultural heritage and many others.

Besides their own projects and demand-driven cooperation with a wide range of companies and organisations, DAE Research also supports companies and other institutions in starting up projects: from defining the research questions and drawing up project plans and funding applications to executing and following up on the project.up a project: from defining the research questions and drawing up project plans and funding applications, to executing and following up on the project.

Incubator centre

At the heart of The Level, an entire floor is reserved for our start-up and incubation centre: a place to encourage and foster start-ups while also welcoming established studios. The incubator provides office space, equipment and a large network of expertise to young entrepreneurs specialising in 3D-related content and services. 

Do you want to have your office in a stimulating environment like this? Contact

Knowledge and compentence centre

The Level has an extensive green key with Mocap and state-of-the-art equipment. Our students learn to work with these materials and in this environment, so they are familiar with the latest technology in their field. Our knowledge and skills centre also comprises an audio studio, editing studio and a multi-purpose meeting and conference room.

These facilities are also available to the companies in our incubator network and can be rented by other businesses and organisations.

For more information, contact