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VPS infrastructuur

Digital Arts & Entertainment possesses a professional green screen film set, including a crane system and peripherals. Attached to this setup is an advanced motion capture technology (20 Optitrack cameras) allowing the movements of 3 to 4 individuals to be captured simultaneously. With this project, we aim to expand the studio infrastructure into a Virtual Production Studio, also known as a VP Studio.

Characteristic of such a studio is the integration of tracking systems on all film cameras, enabling precise positioning relative to the virtually displayed environment. This allows the creation of various shots that were previously entirely impossible. VP studio techniques are relatively new but are evolving rapidly due to advancements in other technologies, including AI, which can further optimize the processes. There will be more work done in the preparation phase and less after the recordings. The mantra in the VFX industry used to be "we'll fix it in post," meaning "what we filmed wasn't perfect, but we'll solve it later with special effects." This way of working is quite frustrating; VP completely overturns this approach.